Price your listing TO SELL with COASTAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS' discounted Pre-Listing Program.

Coastal Property Appraisals, Inc has been an established appraisal firm since 1995 providing reliable, professional, realistic opinions of value. We are now proud to offer a program directed to and only for Real Estate Agents. The Pre-Listing Appraisal Program is designed to help Real Estate Agents expedite the sale, qualify clients, save on marketing dollars and assist in the pricing process. Often times it is difficult for a Real Estate Agent to explain to a client or customer the reality of market value of their property. Often times clients or customers have unrealistic price or value expectations. It does absolutely no good to list and market a property that will not sell because of an unrealistic list price. Real Estate agents and Brokers waste energy, time and money by engaging in this practice and encouraging clients to believe that their properties are worth more or less than market value. For a minimal cost, The Pre-Listing Appraisal Program can save both money and time. This program is also available to aid in the re-qualifying of current listings.